Lathe Machine Confirming to IS 6893-1988 Latest (For  Technical Evaluation)  Yes 
Lathe Machine Material Confirming to IS 210 Latest(For  Casting )  Yes 
Lubrication System Requirement as per IS:11118  Yes 
Cooling System Requirement as per IS :11118  Yes 
Positioning Accuracy as per IS:1878 latest for Cumulative  Error  Yes 
Positioning Accuracy as per IS:1878 latest for  Repeatability  Yes 
Positioning Accuracy as per IS:1878 latest for Backlash  Yes 
Positioning Accuracy as per IS:1878 latest for Minimum  Possible Requirement  Yes 
Geometric Accuracy as per IS 1878-1971 latest for general  purpose lathe  Yes 
Geometric Accuracy as per IS 6040-1972 latest for  precision lathe  Yes 
Machine Bed & Tail Stock casting Grade as per IS 11118-  1997 latest  Yes 
Tail stock sleeve case hardening steel 15Ni7Cr4M02 as per  IS 1118-1997 latest  Yes 
Head Stock Drive gears Conformity  confirming to  Alloy  steel  material specification 15 Ni 7 Cr 4 M02 , hardened 58-62 HRC  and profile ground with 0.8  micron surface roughness Ra  value 
Main Spindle Conformity  confirming to C2R grade forged  Steel and hardened 58-62 HRC. / ground with 0.8 micron  surface roughness Ra value 
Manually Operated Lathe  Yes 
Geared Mechanism  Yes 
Lathe Machine Type  Center Lathe 
Nature of Duty of Operation of Lathe  High Speed Precision Lathe 
Distance Between centers (mm) x Swing over Bed (mm)  1000 x 400 
Swing Over Bed (in mm)  420
Center Height in mm  200
Swing Over Cross Slide in mm  220
Swing Over Carriage Wing in mm  400
Swing in Gap in mm  0
Width of Gap in Front in mm  0
Type of Bed  Inverted V type 
Length of Bed in mm  1950
Width of Bed in mm  289
Gap in Bed in mm ( Only for Gap Lathe ) for rest Put 0  0
Rapid Transverse of saddle & Cross Slide  No 
Maximum Feed Force  1030
Maximum Facing Diameter in mm  430
Maximum Weight of work piece that can be held between  chuck and supported by Live center in kg  150
Maximum Weight of work piece that can be held between  chuck and supported by dead center in kg  350
Maximum Torque on Spindle in NM  280
Type of Spindle  METRIC 50 
Size of Spindle in mm  133
Type of Spindle Nose  A2-5 INCHES 
Taper in Spindle Bore as per IS 2582-1972 with Latest  amndmt  METRIC 50 
Taper Bore in Spindle Sleeve as per IS 1715-1986 with  Latest amndmt  MT-4 
Bore in Spindle in mm  42
Range of Spindle Speed in Forward Direction in rev/min  60 TO 1500 
Range of Spindle Speed in Reverse Direction in rev/min  60 TO 1500 
Type of Chuck  3 Jaw Self Centered 
Travel of Cross Slide in mm  215
Travel of Top Slide in mm  105
Type of Tool Holder  SQUARE SHANK 
Tool Shank Size as per IS 1983:1958 latest in mm x mm  25x25 
Main Motor Power in kw  3
Rapid Traverse Motor Power in kw  0
speed of coolant motor in rev/min  2800
Noise emitted by Machine in db as per IS 10998:1984  latest  85
Mechanical Guarding as per IS 9474 :1980 latest  Yes 
In  possession  of  Technical  Evaluation  report  as  per  IS  Yes 
Main Spindle Bearing confirming Pre-loaded of Standard  make  Yes 
Confirming of machine towards dynamically balanced  spindle and other parts  Yes 
Spindle Forward/Reverse Drive transmission through  Electro Magnetic Double Clutch  No 
Spindle Forward/Reverse Drive transmission through  Hydraulic Friction Clutch  No 
Types of power supply  3 Phase 
Erection and Commissioning Charges included in Offered  Prices without Foundation  Yes 
Warranty in Years  1
Annual Maintenance Contract Rate included for Machine  No 
Period of AMC  0
Coolant Pump output in kw as per IS 2161:1962 Latest  0.12
Coolant Pump Discharge at maximum working height as  per IS 2161:1962 with latest amndmt in l/min  30
Minimum Chucking Diameter in mm  10
Maximum Chucking Diameter in mm  400
Tail Stock Sleeve Diameter in mm  70
Tail Stock Spindle Taper as per IS 1715:1986 with latest  MT-4 
Maximum Offset of Tailstock on either side of Center Line  in mm  5
Sleeve Travel Type(Tail Stock)  Manual 
Travel of Sleeve in mm  140
Hardness of Bed Guide Ways in HRC  52
Lead Screw Diameter in mm  36
Lead Screw Pitch in mm  6
Longitudinal Lead Screw Feed Range in mm/rev  0.05 TO 2.8 
Cross feed Range in mm/rev  0.01 TO 0.62 
Metric Thread Range in mm  0.5-14 
British Thread Range in TPI  2 TO 56 
Module Thread Range in mm  0
Diameteral Pitch Range in mm  0
Type of Lubrication  DRY SUMP LUBRICATION 
Length of Lathe Machine in mm  2300
Width of Lathe Machine in mm  1100
Height of Lathe Machine in mm  1135
Weight of Lathe Machine with electrical and standards  Accessories  1300
Colour of Lathe machine as per IS 5 :1978 with latest  amndmt  Apple Green 
Machine Confirming Full power cutting load test to full  length Turning capacity of Machine  Yes 
Availability of Drawing for Foundation  Yes 
Lead screw  Ground profile& Pitch accuracy 0.03 mm over a length of 300  mm 
Driving Plate With Peg  Yes 
Coolant Equipment & swarf tray  Yes 
Splash Guard  Yes 
Spindle Reduction Sleeve  Yes 
60 Deg Dead Centre-2 Nos  Yes 
Quick change tool post with Tool Holders  Yes 
Quick indexible Square tool post  Yes 
A Set of Operating Instructions Manual & a set of  operating tools  Yes 
3 Jaw Self Centering Chuck  Yes 
Chuck Guard  Yes 
Precision Face Plate  Yes 
Steady Rest  Yes 
Follow Rest  Yes 
Taper Turning Attachment  Yes 
Machine Lamp  Yes 
Four Jaw Chuck  Yes