Technical Specification
Welding Machine (AC/DC GTAW) with Water Cooled Torch, Argon Regulator, Gas Hose, Water circulating system and standard accessories.
Inverter based Machine
Input Current 3 Phase 415V (+/- 15%)
Current Range 5 - 300 Amps
Duty Cycle - 300 Amps @ 60%
OCV - 64 Volts
Conforms to International Standards ES60974-I & IS 4559
Welding Functions -MMAW/ DC TIG/AC TIG
Error diagnosis function
Supplied with following extra consumables
Nozzles – 5 Pcs
Collet – 5 Pcs 
Tungsten Electrode – 2 Pcs
Will have Facilities for :
2T, 4T & SPOT mode
Micorporcessor controlled parameter regulation
Effective water cooling unit for the TIG torch
Shielding gas supply control
Soft switch IGBT design with protection for:
Over Voltage
Single Phasing
Standard accessories with argon gas cylinder duly filled and certified by authorised government agency