Table Size (Length x Width)  1200x300 mm  
‘T’ Slots Nos/Width/Pitch 3/16/65 mm
Travels in X-Y-Z Axis  800-260-400 mm 
Horizontal Spindle Axis to Table Surface  0 – 400 mm 
Arm Travel  450 mm
Spindle Taper  ISO-40 
Speeds & Number of Steps  
Vertical 60 – 1800 in 12 Steps
Horizontal 40 – 1300 in 12 Steps
Feed Rates & Number of Steps 
X-Axis 22 – 420 mm/min in 18-Steps 
Y-Axis 22 – 393 mm/min in 18-Steps
Z-Axis 10 – 168 mm/min in 18-Steps 
X and Y-Axis Rapid traverse  1200 mm/min  
Vertical  500 mm/min 
Table Swivel In RH & LH 45 Degree
Power 4kW  
Main Motor 1.1kW  
Feed Motor – X, Y and Z  0.5kW
Coolant Motor   
Digital Read Out System for all Three Axes With 0.005 mm Resolution 
Built-in coolant tank in machine base 
Central lubrication for guide ways and lead screws. 
Chip / coolant protecting tray height wall should be appropriate to avoid spillage 
Coolant System & Forced Lubrication  
Universal machine vice-jaw width not less than 100 mm–minimum clamping capacity 150 mm 
Milling stub arbour ISO-40 collet adaptor(6-20 mm) ISO-40 with set of collets 
(Long arbour with dia 27mm & arbour supporter) 
Rotary table rack cutting attachment slotting attachment 
Spare Parts 
Maintenance kit: hand tools, grease gun etc 
Levelling screws and levelling pads 
With Standard Spare Parts
With Operational / Maintenance Manuals