Table Size (L x W)  1200 x 300 mm 
T-Slots (No-Width)  03-Dec
Longitudinal Movement   
Automatic 500 mm
Manual 550mm 
Transverse Movement  
Automatic 225 mm  
Manual  250 mm 
Vertical Movement    
Automatic 325 mm  
Manual 375 mm
Spindle : Quill Stroke, Manual 70mm
Milling spindle front bearing Dia  70mm
Spindle taper   ISO 40 
Vertical milling head swivelling to both side 45 Degree
Speed range 45-2000 RPM
No./Progression 12/1.4 
No. of Feeds  18
Feed range  Progression 1.25
Longitudinal   20-700 mm/min 
Transverse  20-700 mm/min  
Vertical 10-200 mm/min 
Rapid Traverse Longitudinal/traverse  2500 mm/min  
Vertical  750 mm/min
Milling spindle motor  3kW 
Feed motor 0.75 kW
Max. safe weight (Job) on the table  150 Kg
Rigid Spindle Housing, Cross ribbed box type column structure and Optimum spacing of precision taper roller bearings to ensure vibration free cutting. 
The table, knee, slide in dovetail guide ways. Three lever control for spindle speed selection. Three lever control for feed selection. 
Centralized lubrication for guide ways and lead screws 
Splash lubrication for speed and feed gearing. 
Chip / coolant protecting tray height wall should be appropriate to avoid spillage
Plain Machine Vice-jaw width not less than 100 mm–minimum clamping capacity 150 mm 
Milling Stub Arbour ISO-40 Collet Adaptor(6-20 mm) ISO-40 with set of collets 
Rotary Table Rack Cutting Attachment Slotting Attachment  
Coolant System & Forced Lubrication D.R.O on all or X and Y axes, 0.005 mm resolution 
Spare Parts  
Maintenance Kit: Hand Tools, Grease Gun etc 
Levelling screws and levelling pads  
With Standard Spare Parts
With Operational / Maintenance Manuals