Technical Specification
•Table – Clamping/ work area 450x 150 mm
•Table longitudinal speed  1.5 -18 m/min.
•Cross feed per stroke 0.175- 1.75 mm 
•Max. vertical movement 250MM 
•Vertical feed graduation  0.002MM
•Fine feed of 0.002mm with graduation dial and floating zero.
•Power of spindle motor 1 HP, hydraulic pump 0.5HP 
•Spindle speed 2800 RPM 
•Size of grinding wheel (Dia x THK x ID) 175 x 18 x 31.75MM
•DRO for vertical and cross movement
•Table traverse both Hydraulic and manual.
•Coolant splash guard and wheel guard
•Ultra precision hardened spindle running in anti-friction bearings greased for life.
•Table will be automatically lubricated and guideways of antifriction and abrasion resistant.
•Lighting equipment
Accessories and spares:
•Permanent Magnetic Chuck suitable for the working range, Dust extractor, Balancing device, Universal 3 way swiveling vice admits work up to 65 mm, Table- mounted Radius- tangent wheel dresser, wheel flanges. Diamond holder & Diamond for magnetic chuck.
•Precision Static Wheel Balancing Unit, Magnetic Sine Table with 200MM Sine bar
•Standard spare parts with extra grinding wheels