Type Digital Microprocessor controlled software based IGBT inverter type power source.
Shielding medium  Argon or CO2 or Argon/CO2 gas mixture
MIG Welding Current 20 A/14 V - 400 A/50V
MMA Welding Current  15 A/20 V - 400 A/58V
Rated duty cycle  60% (minimum)
Welding Output 400 A (minimum) rating at 60% duty cycle (10 minutes) at 40 °c
Welding Output 320 A (minimum) rating at 100% duty cycle (10 minutes) at 40 °c
Mains connection voltage  3ph, 50/60 Hz, 380...460 V ±10 %
Rated power @ 100%  14 kVA
Open circuit Voltage  76 - 92 V DC
Wire Feed Speed  0.5 to 25m/min
Idle power without cooler and wire feeder (MIG)  45 - 52 W
Type of Cooling  Forced air cooled
Degree of Protection  IP23
Input Supply Variation  380 - 460 V ±10 % 3~,50/60HZ
Power Factor at max. current  0.80 - 0.9 Min
Efficiency at max. current  89 - 91 % Min
Recommended generator power (min) 25 kVA
Output display  Digital
Working Condition :  
Ambient Temperature variation  -20º to +45 °c
Storage Temperature Variation  -40º to +60 °C
Continuous heavy duty welding in dusty fabrication shop  
Facilities for:
Synergic parameters
Adjustable wire material, wire dia.
SPOT, 2T, 4T and special 4T mode
Pre & Post flow gas adjustment
Full wave IGBT design
Protection for
Over Voltage / under voltage 
Single Phasing / short circuiting
Digital display of current and voltage
Special welding programs for
Aluminium and alloys
Stainless Steel
MIG Brazing
Duplex Steel
10 Program memory location to save tailor made parameters
Gas Nozzles – 1 Pcs  à Contact Tips – 10 Pcs  à Contact Tip Holder – 2 Pcs
Welding Power Source  
Wire Feeder Unit  
Gas Cooled MIG Torch – 3 m  
Interconnecting Cable – 3 m