Model : JK-RD-25
Material which can be drill  Steel,Cast Iron,Aluminimum,Copper,Nylon
Type of Bed * Flat type
Feed Range in mm/rev 0.125 - 1.25
Number of feed 6
Number of Spindle speed  8
Taper in Spindle  MT 3
Range of Spindle Speed in Forward Direction in rev/min 8-1000
Main Motor Power in kW 2
Arm motor power in kW 0.75
Type of Cooling  Fluid cooling
Power supply Three Phase Supply (415 V, 50 Hz)
Coolant Pump output in kw  0.11
Tapping in steel - metric fine threads M20
Type of Lubrication  Oil recirculating
Taping in cast Iron  M30
Maximum Drill Diameter for steel in mm 25
Maximum Drill Diameter for cast iron in mm  32
Maximum Drill Diameter for non ferrous material in mm  50
Maximum Quill Traverse in mm  200
Column Sleeve Diameter in mm  200
Width of Arm Guide Ways in mm  150
Maximum Drilling Radius in mm  1200
Minimum Drilling Radius in mm  500
Maximum Length of Bed in mm  650
Maximum Width of Bed in mm  200
Maximum Drill head traverse in  750
Arm Traverse in mm  450
Spindle travel (drilling depth) in mm  200
Maximum Distance from Base plate to spindle in mm  970
Minimum distance from Base plate to spindle in mm  300
Travel of Sleeve in mm  250
Lead Screw Diameter in mm  25
Lead Screw Pitch in mm 6