Oxy Gasoline Metal Cutting Torch System

                                                                      MODEL : JK-OG-20 

Oxygen Cylinder/Bottle supplied with system 23 Cubic foot Industrial Oxygen bottle
Oxygen Regulator provided  Medium duty Oxygen Regulator
Number of Fuel quick disconnects provided 2
Number of Oxygen quick disconnects provided 2
Oxygen Flash back Aresstor provided  
Heavy duty Igniter provided  
Carry case with Bracket provided  
Filler Pigtail provided  
Medical Yoke Adapter provided  
Provision of Automatic shut off provided  
Size of liquid fuel torch in inch 20
Type of 90 degree cutting tips provided 0,81,83
Length of liquid fuel hose provided in meter 6
Length of oxygen hose (Whip line) provided in meter 6
Liquid fuel tank capacity in liter  1.89
Fuel which can be used Gasoline/Diesel/Kerosene
Cutting capacity to cut steel in inch up to 14
Flame temperature of gas cutter in Degree Celsius 5000
Cutting capacity time to cut at least 2 inch thick steel from completely full Oxygen cylinder & Fuel cylinder in minute 90