General Parameters  Requirement of value 
Model JK-VTM-1270
Table size  254x1270 mm (10”x50”) 
T-slot of table (Qty x size)  3x16 mm (3x0.629”) 
Longitudinal travel (X axis) Manual  890 mm (35”) 
Cross travel (Y axis)  406 mm (15.984”) 
Thrust bearing support  Thrust bearing support on table, saddle & knee to pre-load the feed screws 
Backlash adjustment  Double nuts, special tool for backlash adjustment 
Design required on spindle auto feed  For rigidity One piece for over load clutch, Spline support on pinion shaft and clutch 
Vertical travel of knee (Z axis)  406 mm (15.984”) 
Ram travel  560 mm (22”) 
Quill travel  127 mm (5”) 
Spindle taper  ISO30 
Spindle nose to table surface  100~506 mm (4” ~ 20”) 
Spindle centre to column  159~719 mm (6.25” ~ 28.3”) 
Over swivel on turret  360゜ 
Head swivel (R&L)  +/-45゜ 
Head tilt (up &down)  +/-45゜ 
Spindle motor  3HP 
Control Switch one for motor  Low and high 
Control Switch two for motor  Reverse and forward 
Quill feed  0.04~0.08~0.14 mm/rpm (0.0016” ~ 0.003” ~ 0.006”) 
Spindle speed step head  8 steps 68-2270 rpm (50Hz) 
Double speed Motor  16 steps 68-4540 rpm (50Hz) 
Spindle support  Bearings support on both sides of spindle pulley with precise angular contact spindle bearing
Head Type  Square with side brake 
Back gear engagement  Single lever 
Overall height  2120mm (83.464”) 
Overall depth  1984mm (78.11”) 
Overall width  1666mm (65.59”) 
Net weight  1200Kgs 
Accessories  Qty 
Draw bar  1
Rubber chip cover  2 set 
Tool box with tools  1
Angular-fixed milling vise with base  1
52-pc steel clamping kit  1 set 
Chuck Set ISO30-ER40-7PCS/SET  1 set 
Key less drill chuck  1
ISO 30-JT6 Jacobs taper drill chuck arbor  1
C-Type boring head (3mm)  1
ISO 30 Shank and Adapter for C-Type  1
Machine lamp  1