Technical Specification
Welding Machine (GMAW) with Air Cooled Torch, Regulator, Gas Preheater, Gas Hose and Standard Accessories
Input Current 3 Phase 415V +/- 10%
Operating range 60 - 400 Amps
Duty Cycle - 400 Amps @ 60%
Power Factor (CosØ) - 0.99
OCV - 74 V
Confirms to International Standards ES60974
Facilities for :
Soft Start
Adjustable Crater Current/Voltage
2T & 4T mode
Pre & Post flow gas adjustment
Selection of welding wire dia
Full wave IGBT design
Protection for
Over Voltage / under voltage
Single Phasing / short circuiting
Digital display of current and voltage
Supplied with following extra consumables
Gas Nozzles – 1 Pcs
Contact Tips – 10 Pcs Contact Tip Holder – 2 Pcs
Standard accessories including CO2 gas cylinder duly filled and certified by authorised government agency