Plasma air cutting machine

Performance Parameters  
Power Sources IGBT Based
Type of metal which can be cut All (MS, SS, Brass, Copper, Aluminium)
Material Removing rate (Kg/Hr) 50
Current Range (in Amp) 20-150
Max open circuit Voltage in (Volt) 280-320
Current Rating of Power Source at 100% Duty cycle in ampere 150 Ampère
Current Rating of Power Source at 60% Duty cycle in ampere 100 Ampère
Current Rating of Cutting Torch at 100% Duty cycle in ampere 150 Ampère
Current Rating of Cutting Torch at 60% duty cycle in ampere 100 Ampère
Efficiency of Machine (%) 90
Insulation Class H
Type of Air Compressor Reciprocating Type
Make of Air Compressor J K
Type of Gas Supply to Power Source AIR
Motor Power for Air Compressor (Single Phase ) in HP 5
Air Flow Rate ,Maximum (in kg/cm2) NA
Type of Cooling Forced Air
Type of Torch Hand Held Based
Maximum Clean Cut Thickness (in mm) 50
Output Current Range , DC Amp 120-150
Rated input Range kVA (KVA) 25-35
Cutting speed in mm/minute 150
Input Supply (V, Phase, & Hz) "415V+/-10 ,3Ph,50/60Hz"
Tank Capacity in Litres 200 liter
Pressure Kg/cm2 Bar (Must be in between 5-10 bar) 7
Protection Class IP , Min 23
The system components provide the electrical energy, ionization capability and process control to produce high quality cuts Yes
The plasma arc cutting system complete with a power supply, an arc starting circuit and a torch Yes
IGBT based plasma cutter having power factor more than 0.9 and high efficiency , light weight and portable to be used Yes
In Transformer based cutting machine,the transformer to be a heavy duty, sturdy, Copper- double wounded conventional type. NA for IGBT
The transformer based cutting machine to be supplied with trolley NA for IGBT
Input copper cable for connecting power source to main supply (01 No.) 5 METER
Length of Torch Cable (in mm) 5000 millimeter
Warranty (Years) 2
Dimensional Parameters  
Dimensions of the machine in (mm x mm x mm) 585 X 305 X 550
Weight of the machine (kg) 40
Additional Accessories  
Air hose with accessories -(01 No) to be supplied yes
Work connecting cable with earth clamp-01 No to be supplied yes
Air filter cum regulator 01 no to be supplied Yes
Consumable Spares: a) Electrodes & Tip = 25 set each to be supplied Yes
Consumable Spares: b).Outer Nozzle = 25 Nos. Yes
Machine shall comply with all electrical safety regulations for machine/operators YES
Installation and Demonstartion YES
1 set of Tool Box for day to day maintenance work for plasma cutting machine and air compressor to be supplied Yes
Black Glass Goggles Confirming to 4 DIN specially used for Plasma cutting machine (2 in nos) to be supplied Yes
Fire Proof Dress to be supplied Yes
Hand Gloves to be supplied Yes
CNC Interface to be supplied No
Storage Case for Torch and Cables to be supplied No
Operating and Instruction Manuals Yes
On/Off Switch on Torch Yes