Technical Specification
•Radial arm Drill machine Motorized With Tapping Attachment
•Capacity: Drilling In Steel (600 N/mm2 Tensile Strength) : 32 mm
•Drilling In Cast Iron:  35 Mm 
•Rough Boring In Steel :  50 mm 
•Rough Boring In Cast Iron :  60 mm 
•Tapping In Steel:  M27
•Tapping In Cast Iron : M30 X 3
•Drill Head: Spindle Nose : MT4 Spindle Nose Outside Diameter : 55 Mm
•Quill Outside Diameter : 60 Mm 
•Spindle Travel (drilling Depth) :  225 Mm 
•No. Of Spindle Speeds:  8 No.
•Spindle Speed Range :  30-2000 Rpm 
•Number Of Power Feeds :  6 No.
•Power Feed Range :  0.032-0.315 Mm/rev. 
•Working Range: Drilling Radius Max/min. : 900/350 Mm
•Column Diameter :  220 Mm
•Vertical Power Movement Of Arm :  500 Mm 
•Horizontal Movement of Drilling Head :  550 Mm
•Base Plate: Height Of Base Plate : 150 Mm 
•Working Surface :  1000x780 Mm
•No. /center Distance of T-slots :  3/200 Mm 
•Width Of Cast T-slots :  22mm
•Power: Drilling Motor : 3.5kw /1500 Rpm 
•Elevating Motor For Arm :1.5kw /1500 Rpm
•Induction hardened guideways of radial arm.
•Hardened and precision ground gears in main drive.
•Coolant tank with motorized Coolant System Built-in lighting system.
•Lighting lamp will be auto rotary / tilting as per requirement Leveling screw with pad.
•Electrical equipment complete for wiring of 3 Ph 415 V 50 Hz supply.
•Drill Chuck with Chuck key size MT3, Sleeves MT1- MT3, Machine Vices Drift tapping attachment, Box Table of appropriate size.
Spares and consumables (for 2 years): 
•Drill Chuck -1 No, Drill Chuck key – 5 Nos, Drill drift – 2 Nos, On/Off Push Button -2Nos.
•Maintenance Kit: Hand Tools, Grease Gun, Levelling screws and levelling pads