Swing over table 270 mm
Centre Height 130 mm
Distance between centers 600 mm 
Grinding Length 500 mm 
Maximum Grinding Diameter(OD) 150 mm 
 Grinding Diameter(OD) 6 mm 
Maximum Grinding Diameter(ID) 120mm 
 Grinding Diameter(ID)  6 mm
Part Weight admissible between centres  60 kg
Part Weight admissible in chuck  50 kg
Driving motor power 3.7 Kw 
Circumferential speed 30 m/s 
External Grinding wheel size 300 x 127 x 40 mm
 usable size of wheel (OD) 200 x 127 x 40 mm
External Grinding wheel spindle speed 1300-2000 rpm
Internal Grinding Wheel Spindle Diameter Ø45 x 250 mm 
Internal grinding spindle speed range 15000 -20000 rpm
Internal grinding arbors and Quills To suit above spindle 
Face grinding arbors To suit above spindle 
Wheel head swivel L.C With L.C 1 deg. 
Wheel Head Swivel range min '210° in one direction & min 10° in other direction .
Bore Grinding Capacity 6 - 30 mm in diameter
Rapid Approach 50 mm 
In-feed with hand wheel 20 mm 
Max plunge feed on dia (Auto) 1.5 mm 
 increment on diameter 0.001 mm 
In-feed rate on diameter (coarse/ Fine) 0.015-3 mm/min
Spark off time 0-60 sec
Front and Rear Movement Range 150 mm
Grinding wheel Infeed Range 120 mm 
Universal Wheelhead/One external & one internal grinding spindle.
The wheel head will be equipped with maintenance free in built motor spindle with min three variable speed control.
Wheelhead will swivel. Also an Internal Grinding Attachment is provided. This means that workpieces can be completely machined in the same clamping.
Grinding spindle bearings will be roller/angular contact bearings of high accuracy, without wear and no play adjustments ensuring  maintenance.
Capable to grind external, Face & Internal Grinding in single setup
Workhead is suitable for both grinding between fixed centres and for live spindle grinding. Accuracy of roundness for live spindle grinding is less than 0.0004 mm. Fine adjustment feature provided for cylindricity corrections of below 1 micron during live spindle grinding.
Spindle Speed 60- 600 rpm . 5 steps
Holding Taper Internal MT3 / MT 4 / MT 5
Reduction Sleeve MT3 - MT4
Roundness accuracy less than 0.0004
workhead Bearings protected against Dirt. Overpressure filters /seals
Driving Power 0.4 kW 
Swivel Angle 120°(90° ccw,30° cw)
Table Stroke 500 mm 
Table Speed 0.1-5 m/min 
Lower Table (Z axis) with linear scale
Maximum swivel of table Upto 10° 
 automatic travel 2-10 mm
The Tailstock is designed for the use of Morse 3/4 taper centers. Centre pressure adjustment is  possible to achieve delicate precision grinding of small and thin parts also. The Tailstock fine adjustment possible for finest possible taper correction in the range below 1 micron when grinding between centers.
Air cushion provided under the Tailstock for easy relocation during set up.
Tailstock with fitting taper MT4 and 35mm / 1.38" stroke. MT 4
Travel of Quill 35 /50 mm
Quill Diameter min. 40 mm
Fine Adjustment for taper corrections +/- 40 microns
Hydraullic tank capacity 40 ltr 
Hydraullic motor power 0.75 kW 
Pump Capacity 8 lpm 
Magnetic separator filter system with coolant tank Standard
Coolant tank capacity 120 ltr. 
Motor power 0.4 kW 
Pump Capacity
Roundness to the Ground workpiece when live spindle Less than 0.0004 mm
Workpiece spindle axis equillibrium measured by face grinding of the workpiece in live spindle 0.001 mm 
straightness accuracy of the ground workpiece on measuring length of 630 mm 0.0025 mm 
Positional accuracy X Axis for complete stroke 0.003 mm 
Repeatability X Axis 0.002 mm 
External Grinding wheel spindle run out 0.005 mm 
Dressing device mounted on the workhead or on table
Following Dressing arrangements with mounting arrangements. single point dressing, , multi point rotary dressing unit
Machine lighting with LED lamp, 10 Watt
Operator safety guard provided.
The machine base made from a mineral casting or grey cast iron optimized for high rigidity, vibration damping and guaranting longer wheel life and better surface finish.
Temperature fluctions extensively compensated by the favourable thermal behaviour of the machine base, resulting in high dimensional accuracy at all time
Wheel Adapter for external grinding wheel 3sets
Set of open end wrenches - Size 40 1set
Internal Grinding Unit 24000 rpm  -1no
42000rpm  -1no.
Internal Grinding Arbors (5-12mm/12-32mm in different length) 1no. Each
Collets for internal Grinding (Ø3, Ø4, Ø5, Ø6) 1no. Each
set of allen keys 1set
Balancing Mandrel 1no.
Box Wrench 1set
Static balancing equipment and balancing arbor 1no.
Assembly Arbour 1no.
Centres for workhead and Tailstock 1no. Each
Dressing Tool Holder for workhead on Tailstock 1no. Each
PCD Dressing plate 1no.
Reduction Sleeve 1set
Full Carbide tipped centre points 1no.
Half Carbide tipped centre points 1no.
Ejector Rod 1no.
Set of Damping boses 1set
Set of Diamond holder with diamonds 1no. Each
Supporting plate for diamond holder on workhead or tailstock 1no. Each
Grinding wheel flange 2sets
Collet dia 2 to 25mm with 0.5mm step
Magnetic chuck-min dia 170mm  1no.
Three & Four jaw chuck Ø160mm  1no. Each
Grinding wheels for External & Internal 2no. Each
Manual Draw Bar 1no.
Wheel Changing aid 1no.