Technical specifications 
Paint Spray Chamber   
Booth inside Dimension (LxWxH) (6000x4000x3500)mm
Front Door Opening (LxH) (3000x3300)mm
Illumination 45W Flame Proof Lighting Qty-08
Material Corrosion Resistant, fabricated MS Sheet
Exhaust Filter  
Fan Motor 10 HP,415V/3Phase, Noiseless
Motor Type Flame Proof
Fan Type Axial flow fan
Paint trap filter Glass fiber type filter
Fan Capacity Atleast 7500 CFM
Air Intake Filters  
Pre-filter Assembly (WxH) mm (500x750)mm Qty-06
After Filter Minimum 15mm in thickness
Filter media Wire Mesh type
Power Supply 220 volts, 50 Hz Single phase
Illumination lights outside the booth
Flame proof inside lights  
Switch panels with MCB switches.
Power consumption  
Illumination  0.5 KW/220 V/50Hz
10 HP Approx, 3 Phase  
Front Main door  
The Front door Should be provided in two leaves. Each leaf of door should be provided with dual vision window, double layer with one glass
The door should be properly sealed from all the sides to prevent the suction of dust inside the spray booth.
Doors should be fabricated with minimum 1.00mm corrosion resistant sheet
The doors should be provided with rubber sponge to minimize the leakage.
Paint Spray Chamber
Paint Spray Chamber should be provided with pre-filters and after-filters  Filters should be easily replaceable type and are sealed proof to avoid any leakage.
Pre-Filters Primary stage filter
Filter Media Wire mesh filter
Ceiling Filter Secondary stage filter
Thickness 15 mm min
Filter Media Non woven thermal
Paint trap filter  
 Paint trap exhaust filter should be provided for suspended paint particle
 Suction hood should be on the wall of the Paint Spray Chamber
Hood should be connected to duct and followed by weather canopy
 The hood constructed with thick MS Sheet
Fan Motor 10HP min
Capacity 7500CFM Approx
Fan type Axial flow fan
Filter material Fiber Glass wool
Suitable ducting from suction hood to the exhaust fan is to be provided. Ducting is constructed by 1.5 mm thick MS sheet
Flame proof illumination tube lights should be mounted on the walls of the booth
The lamps should be wired with suitable copper conductor wiring.
Flexible PVC conduit is to be used for routing of wires.
MCB panel should be mounted at suitable location with MCB switches.
Inside and outside painting should be in double coated epoxy coating for corrosion  resistant
Additional Requirements of Paint Spray Chamber
Separate electric control panel for exhaust fan assembly
Rubber padding for minimizes the leakage.
Exhaust fans with silencer and canopy
Manometer for reading the pressure drop across the filter in case of clogging of 
Complete foundations, leveling pads and installation will be provided by the supplier.
Job loading and unloading arrangements are to be arranged by the suppliers
Weather protective covers as per the specifications of the booth.
All wiring and conduits from main supply source to the installation area are to be  arranged by the supplier
Provision of air supply connection in booth chamber
Provision of door locking.