TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

                          MODEL                                                                    : JK-CUM-1000

(a)       Table working area                                                   :    1000 X 350 mm or above

(b)       Table Tavel axis:-

                        (i)         X-Axis                                                :     800 mm or above

                        (ii)        Y-axis                                                 :     350 mm or above

                        (iii)       Z-axis                                                 :     350 mm or above

(c)        Rapid Rate                                                                :     10 m/ min

(d)       Feed rate                                                                   :     0 to 4000 mm/min

(e)       Milling head manual swing range                             :     450 on either side.

(f)        Spindle Motor Power                                               :     5 HP

(g)       Spindle Taper                                                           :     ISO 40

(h)       Spindle Speed                                                         :     50-3500 rpm or above

(j)         Quill Movement (Manual and Auto)                                 :     25 mm or above

(k)        Height of spindle face from table top                        :     150 mm to 500 mm

(g)       Accuracies:- 

(i)         Posoitioning Accuracy(X)              :     ± 0.008 mm

(ii)        Posoitioning Accuracy(Y &Z)          :     ± 0.005 mm

(ii)        Repeatability (X, Y&Z)                    :     ± 0.003 mm

(h)       Operating system                                                         :     Fanuc or Siemens



2.         Standard Features & Accessories:-


(a)      Manual data input for program storage and editing

(b)       Self diagnostic function for machining operations       

(c)        Programmable coolant system

(d)       Automatic lubrication system

(e)       Spindle air blast system

(f)        Illumination facility

(g)       Alarm lamp for abnormal situation

(h)       Indication lamp for dwell & end of job

(j)         Leveling bolts & pads.

(k)        Chip Conveyor with chip bin.

(l)         UPS with 30 min. back-up of appropriate ratings for system.

            (m)      Standard coolant System