Plastic bailing machine

Vertical clamping force of bailing machine Hydraulic
Material of the bailing machine  MS
Bailing capacity of machine in ton 25
Chamber size in mm x mm x mm  700 x 500 x 1400
Size of Bale (length x width x height) in mm 700 x 500 x 650
Weight of Bale ( in kg)  50-60
Cycle time per bale in minutes  15-20
Number of cylinder  1
Size of cylinder  700x500mm
Cylinder Stroke 700 700
Feed opening WxH  700x500mm
Platform size  700x500mm
Type of pump  Hydraulic system gear cum plunger pump System
Day light gap between bottom plate and pressing plate in mm 1400
Motor power ( in HP)  7.5
Electric supply  Three phase  440 V 50 Hz
Number of ties of rope  2
Type of tying  Twine
Number of door  2
Hydraulic oil tank capacity in Ltr  10
Thickness of the body plate  8mm
Thickness of the clamping plate  30mm
Control system of machine  Electrical
Electrical safety system, Manual bale eject swing plate with screw system,Hand lever operated